If you have a lot of ideas for your nonprofit or social enterprise but struggle to envision how everything will fit together, or even if you’re lacking ideas, UBC’s community program might be able to help.

Through their Master of Management program, teams of students will be given the opportunity to work with Vancouver-based organizations on a 5-month long consulting project in which a team of 3-4 students could help you with:

  • Business plans and feasibility studies
  • Fundraising and development initiatives
  • Recruitment and retention strategies
  • Corporate partnership strategies
  • Marketing and social media strategies

You’ll need to hurry, the application deadline is October 15th, 2018. Paperwork must be submitted by this date to be eligible for consideration in the 2019 programs.

Your organization could be one great idea, or a strategic execution away from explosive growth – and ultimately increased impact.

UBC is looking for organizations that have a clear community or social benefit, nonprofits, social enterprises, charities, environmentally-focused businesses, or similar. If you could benefit from strategy, finance, marketing, or human resource’s help, and can offer an open platform for students to engage and develop skills at the same time, you might be the right fit.

Learn more about how to apply by visiting the UBC Sauder website.