About Our Mission and Team

We imagine a world where the majority of organizations stand for people and the planet first and collaboration for social impact is everywhere.

Our Values & Philosophy

These are the fundamentals that permeate our team, culture, and membership. This is how we conduct ourselves privately and publicly.

Collaboration Over Competition

When it comes to social and environmental impact, the enemy is stagnation. The enemy is the bad outcome, not other similar organizations. We constantly strive to combine efforts so we all win.


Every Perspective is Respected

We will not look down on those who don’t see our point of view. We will not shut down conversation because it opposes ours, and we welcome and lift those up who are newer in their impact journey.

Progress Comes in Steps and Leaps

While we desire drastic change and have big visions, we won’t sacrifice small steps forward while pursuing big leaps. And when possible, we won’t settle for small steps when big leaps are easily attainable.

The Elevate Team

Want to join us? Contact us to see the ways you can get involved.

Joel Harrison

CEO, Co-founder

Joel is a social entrepreneur, impact podcaster and marketing consultant pushing the conversation of doing good with your work.

Lives in: Kelowna, BC

Favourite Quote: “A huge old oak tree standing outside, it is not trying to create any impact, it is just impactful” – Sadhguru

Fun Fact: I once played Troy Bolton in a High School Musical

LinkedIn | joelmharrison.com

Alice Henry

Chief Community Officer, Co-founder

Alice works across disciplines as a programs manager and facilitator to create sustainable impact and community wellbeing.

Lives in: Vancouver, BC

Favourite Quote: “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” – LM Montgomery

Fun Fact: Alice is a tea aficionado and finds respite in enjoying tea gongfu style.


Peggy Liu

Copywriter & Content Coordinator

Peggy is a 9-5 marketing copywriter and aspiring change-maker. She is passionate about causes including environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and fighting systemic inequalities.

Lives in: Surrey, BC

Favourite Quote:What makes night within us may leave stars.” – Victor Hugo

Fun Fact: I am PigMum to my guinea pig Evie