Susgrainable has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to build Vancouver’s first dedicated food upcycling facility. Just 6 days in and they’re over 50% funded towards their $15,000 goal, with still 25 days to go.

Susgrainable is a local social enterprise founded by Marc Wandler and Clinton Bishop to turn beer waste into baked goods. Not only is this solution addressing the food waste problem directly, it’s also reportedly a healthier grain for baking and eating.

“Every year [in Canada] 450,000 tons of grain is thrown out from craft breweries alone,” they report on the campaign page. Their process takes this spent grain, dries it, and grinds it up into a flour for baked goods. “We’re solving two significant problems with one tasty solution by upcycling brewers’ “waste” and rescuing it by turning it into high fibre and high protein baking mixes and treats.”

The high fibre and low sugar attributes are particularly attractive to people with diabetes or other sugar concerns. With a solution like this you can take a little bit of the guilt out of eating those cookies. Looking to add a little bit more protein to your diet? The Susgrainable waffles have you covered!

The team has been able to rescue 3,500Kg of spent grain to date and has a goal of 10,000Kg by the end of the year.

Campaign “backers” are able to be rewarded with free baked goods, waffle, pancake and baking mixes, and even receive a “2-hour behind the scenes baking experience”. For more information and updates on the campaign visit their Kickstarter page.