We stand together, we sit together, and we feel together despite the social isolation. British Columbians have so much to be proud of, particularly in how we’re stepping up to support the community during these unprecedented times.

That’s exactly what Vancouver Foundation hopes to capture through their latest campaign, In Our Hearts.

“The campaign encourages people to share their support for frontline workers, charities, organizations, and others that are “in their heart” through social media or at home, or donate to the Community Response Fund or a charity of their choice,” they said in a recent press release.

The Community Response fund was originally launched on March 18 through collaboration with Vancity, United Way Lower Mainland and the City of Vancouver. With nearly $6 million to deploy to frontline organizations fighting to support the community during COVID-19, the fund is now launching phase two, $1 million dollars that’s available to support the arts and culture sector.

It’s been interesting to see how entertainment and art have changed over the past few weeks. We’ve never seen so many people moving online to foster community, connection, and entertainment. But most financial aid heading towards critical front-line response, rightly so. But in response, this additional fund opens up the eligibility to include arts, culture, and other community programming that are just as important to the social fabric of British Columbians.

“The first phase of the Community Response Fund has already provided much needed funding to more than 30 frontline organizations severely impacted by this crisis,” said Kevin McCort, CEO of Vancouver Foundation. “But we also know that our community’s strength and vitality is dependent on other pillars like arts and culture organizations who are also devastated by the pandemic. This is why we are launching a second stream of funding for these types of charities who are just as important in uniting us and will play a pivotal role when our community recovers from this crisis.”

You can participate in the In Our Heart campaign by visiting the Vancouver Foundation website, or donate to the fund here. By supporting, you’ll be joining the likes of Rize Alliance, lululemon, Tom Shepansky (founder of Rethink Canada), and The Polygon Gallery.

What has been in your heart throughout this time?