It’s been several years since Tesla announced plans for their electric semi-truck and it seems we might see them very soon in BC. On March 31, 2021, Mosaic Forest Management announced a partnership with EcoWest Driven to introduce several Tesla semi-trucks into log hauling on Vancouver Island.

The road to electric commercial vehicles is not an easy one, particularly when you’re working deep into the mountain forests. Not only does the vehicle itself need to be capable in that type of terrain, but the infrastructure surrounding it needs to be in place too, such as charging and maintenance.

“With our in-depth experience and knowledge of the forestry industry on Vancouver Island, we are excited to partner with Mosaic to utilize Tesla’s innovative electric semis into log haulers,” said Timber Johnson, Director and Co-Founder of EcoWest Driven. “We have begun the process of creating charging infrastructure and a new electric vehicle maintenance facility in Parksville, BC to accommodate this new demand for emission-free heavy haulers,” added Jarvis Shaver, Director and Co-Founder of EcoWest Driven.

The forest sector in BC is undoubtedly one under scrutiny, and the corporations are looking at ways to transform their operations for the better. Because of our hydroelectric power, electrifying heavy-duty vehicles is a significant step forward.

“We are committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2035 and electrifying our log hauling fleet is a significant step in that direction” said Jeff Zweig, President and CEO of Mosaic Forest Management. “BC is a global centre of excellence in forestry, and we are proud to work with our local partner, EcoWest Driven, on this important project”.