We’re coming up on Earth Day 2020, and unfortunately, most of the world is not even in a position to get outside and appreciate this beautiful planet. But despite COVID-19, we can still acknowledge Earth Day in a big way, right from our living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices.

In this list we’ve got the best ways you can turn the tide on your sustainability, waste, and care for our planet. So let’s dive in!

Turn Off Your Lights & Heat

I hesitate to put this on here because I know we’ll all be sitting at home this Earth Day and we want those lights and heat, and computers, and tv, and kettles to keep us cozy and entertained. But, maybe you could turn it down and put a sweater on. Turn some lights off, especially in the rooms you’re not in. Unplug the computer you’re not using.

It’s just 1 day, we can handle it.

Create a Meal Plan

One of the best ways to reduce your personal food waste is to ensure that you are buying the right amount of food for your family and a meal plan can help. Having a meal plan means you know how much food you need of each kind for the week, which empowers your grocery shopping.

A wonderful side effect? If you plan out your meals like this, you’ll likely spend less money on food over the course of the month because you’re eating out less, AND you’ll probably be inspired to eat a bit healthier.

You can start small. Sit down this Earth Day and plan out your next 7 dinners at home. Then translate that into a grocery shopping list for your next trip to the store.

Watch a Documentary

Okay don’t shoot me for contradictions, but I know people aren’t going to be turning off all of their electronics. We are in quarantine here. But if you plan on curling up on the couch this Earth Day, why not turn on a documentary and open your eyes, your mind, and your heart to new ways of thinking?

Whether you’re on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV, YouTube, or hundreds of other streaming platforms, you’re bound to find some amazing documentaries about the environment, consumerism, and activism. Here are some intriguing titles that are on my list.

Upcycle Something from Your Recycling Bin

Remember turning those paper towel rolls into swords as a kid? How about those shampoo bottles and milk jugs. You can do so much with all of this recycling that will either make your life interesting, unique, or easier

Check out these awesome monster pencil holders made out of shampoo bottles.

Need some more inspiration? Here’s an article from Lifehack with 30 great ideas.

Create a Video Bragging About How Sustainable You Are

I’m only kind of kidding. You don’t want to be a jerk about it, but sharing your sustainable living methods with your friends (in a kind, non-pushy, sincere way), would help spread this movement.

Maybe we should start a hashtag? #SustainableWhileStuckAtHome

We’ll work on it.

Start an Indoor Garden

From as small as a pot under a lamp to a whole room, growing a few plants or even vegetables indoors is a green way to pass the time while you’re in self isolation. Get your green thumb by growing your own nature indoors and reconnect with the miracle that surrounds us and is in us.

Wants some help getting started? Here’s an article from Popular Mechanics that explains how.

Clean Out Your Closet

Well, it is that time of year where people start doing their Spring clean up, why not take this time stuck indoors to take it a step further than you ever have? Get on your way to that minimalist mindset by really trimming down what you have and need in your home – starting with your closet.

But we don’t just want to throw away the clothes, let’s prepare them for donations where it makes sense, or cut them up and turn them into rags. You’re decluttering while also reducing your need for buying new clothes or paper towels.

Train Your Cat to Use the Toilet

If your cat is like mine, this will be impossible. But I’ve seen it done. I’ve always been a little awstruck at just how much litter I go through with a single cat, and even though it’s wood pellets, which is slightly more earth-friendly, it still goes to the landfill…

Good luck! It may take more than one day though.

Calculate Your Carbon FootPrint

Maybe you’re not the artsy type and possibly you hate animals, but the thing that really gets you excited about saving the planet is spreadsheets. With this Carbon Footprint calculator you can spend your Earth Day finding out where you’re making the most negative impact on the planet in your life. Having this as a measurement that’s front and centre will help you make better decisions to improve it.

Perhaps we should make this an annual tradition to assess and compare our carbon footprint calculations. We could make it a fun little competition.

That’s it

I hope you have an amazing Earth Day and can find some creative ways to push the conversation. Any other ideas? Leave them in the comments!