You’ve no doubt heard of the Ride to Conquer Cancer – the annual fundraiser for the BC Cancer Foundation. It’s an epic journey of cycling over 2 days, 200 kilometers, and teams and individuals raise over $2500 each as part of this important cause.

With BC leading the way in cancer research, this fundraiser gained over $10,600,000!

2018 was their tenth year running, and over the last decade has reached $96 million to support BC Cancer’s research.

“Over 10 epic years the Ride to Conquer Cancer has been changing outcomes for British Columbians facing cancer. The Ride and its thousands of participants, tens of thousands of donors, gives families hope that together we can conquer this disease. We Ride and raise funds honouring the loved ones we’ve lost and with confidence that we’re giving the incredible scientists and clinicians at BC Cancer the power to save lives,”  said Sarah Roth, President and CEO, BC Cancer Foundation in a recent press release.

Not only that, just recently they released an amazing photo album. This is a fantastic way to bring people into the “journey”, supporters and spectators alike, to experience the community of people changing the world. Take a look at some of the amazing photos from this event:

Photos courtesy of BC Cancer Foundation

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