I’m excited to announce we’ve found the perfect person to help grow Elevate into the hub and the beacon for social impact that we envision it becoming. Someone to help us build a world where the majority of organizations stand for people and the planet first.

I’m incredibly thrilled to welcome Alice Henry into her role as Chief Community Officer (CCO) for Elevate. Over the last year of building the different features and strategies for Elevate, I quickly realized I couldn’t do it alone. When I met Alice, beyond her positivity and fun presence, her dedication and experience in social impact and sustainability caught my attention.

In this role, Alice is bringing her focus to develop the community experience for not only our readers and subscribers, but for our members to help strengthen and deepen the connections and collaborations we continue making.

I’m beyond excited to have her on board. Be sure to say hi and connect with Alice on LinkedIn!

Keep reading to hear her perspective as well:

A Message from Alice Henry, CCO:

When it came to signing my name on the dotted line to become Elevate’s Chief Community Officer, I only felt a buzz of excitement. Elevate has set a foundation for something truly special: a cross sectoral community of impact where people can connect as their full selves. It’s a platform where impact can become synergistic, where people can spark each other’s curiosity and drive to create something different and better. We can connect here for our interests both professional and personal. I look forward to welcoming you all to the community we’re building over the next couple months so we can continue to elevate the impactful work you are doing.

The first things that drew me to Elevate were the news stories celebrating the wins and the differences hardworking changemakers were making each week, and the articles showcasing those people working behind the scenes to achieve those impacts. I was drawn in further by the genuine care with which Elevate was making connections with locals and the eagerness with which Elevate has adapted to better fit the impact community’s wants and needs. What is also powerful about Elevate is that you can engage on the platform through a professional lens, but also through your personal interests. While I largely work on the circular economy, justice for Indigenous peoples is of deep importance to me. I don’t have to choose which of these I engage in on Elevate; I can find content and connections around both. Elevate at its core is about strong connections, recognizing the strides we are making, and realizing the potential of our community.

As we enter this next phase of growth, Elevate is excited to welcome you all into a community for and by you. We are eager to facilitate connections with those relevant to your work or interests, and we are excited to share different job and event opportunities that may otherwise slip under your radar. We will also host fun get togethers around topics you want to have a deeper dive into, some of which will include cool giveaways and door prizes.

You don’t want to miss out on what’s next with Elevate. Check out our membership options and sign up to be a part of a growing, purpose-driven community. We look forward to connecting with you and blazing a way to a better future.