We need your help to drive a regenerative recovery in Canada through a transformational national investment in social innovation and social finance. Many organizations and enterprises have faced tremendous hardships over the past year, and we must equip them with the capital and capacity they need to build back better.

Fortunately, the federal government has committed to developing a Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy (SISF Strategy) and, in 2018, announced a $755M Social Finance Fund and $50M Investment Readiness Program. However, the Social Finance Fund has yet to be rolled out and after a successful two (2) year pilot, the Investment Readiness Program is set to expire in March 2021.

We have a window of opportunity to push the government to implement a comprehensive strategy, expand the Investment Readiness Program, and accelerate the Social Finance Fund. A demonstrated groundswell of support can help to unblock innovation and empower communities. That’s why our friends at CCEDNet RCDÉC have launched an ambitious advocacy campaign to urge the government into action. We’re proud to support that campaign, and we’re seeking to engage our community to help advance this effort.

Here’s where you come in.

With your guidance, your MP has the power to advance this agenda. So we’ve made it easy for you to get in touch with your MP and share key messages with them. With your help, they will be better equipped to put pressure on decision-makers and ensure that the strategy has a broad base of support.

By contacting your MP, you’ll join a grassroots campaign building power and bolstering resilience in communities across Canada. And by sharing this message with your network and on social media, you’ll help build the groundswell we need.

There are two options for action.

Option 1: High Impact

  1. Set up a virtual meeting or phone call with your MP.
  2. Share these key messages with them and ask them to write to Minister Hussen and Minister Freeland asking for Social Enterprise, Social Innovation, and Social Finance to be central features in the Government of Canada’s post-COVID economic recovery.
  3. Let us know how it went.

Option 2: Quick & Easy

  1. Send a message to your MP in a few seconds using this handy automated system.

I hope you will join this national effort to help advance a strong, inclusive and equitable recovery for Canada.